In this podcast series, Becoming Wild Again in America: The Restoration and Resurgence of the Pablo-Allard Bison Herd, you will hear from Marcia Pablo, Dr. Kyran Kunkel, and Jason Baldes. In part one, Marcia shares her family story about the formation of the Pablo-Allard bison herd in the late 1800s and their journey from the Flathead Reservation in Montana to Elk Island National Park in Canada, from 1907 to 1912, and then back to the American Prairie Reserve in Montana in 2012. [41] In part two, Kyran Kunkel shares the intent of his conservation work with the Pablo-Allard bison herd’s descendants. He explains the benefit of the bison’s return and the concept of the land becoming wild again or more natural and of itself. In part three, Jason Baldes shares his conservation work and vision for the future, which involves recently reintroducing bison on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.

Marcia Pablo standing on the landscape.

Part One: The Formation of the Pablo-Allard Herd

Podcast, Transcript [45], Music [46], Bison sounds [47]
Photo of Marcia L. Pablo. [48]

Part Two: Becoming Wild Again In America

Podcast, transcript [49], Music [50], Bison sound. [51]
Photo of Dr. Kyran Kunkel. [52]

Part Three: Envisioning a Future with Bison

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Photo of Jason E. Baldes. [56]